Minnesota born and bred, Texas refined, road schooled. Songwriter, singer, strummer, bandleader, ordained minister; El Drifte rides hard to bring his brand of roots and alternative honky tonk, and strip down punkabilly music to the people, even officiating a wedding here and there when called upon. Independent, organic, and 100% prime!

El Drifte IS the Drifting Reverend!!

Conjuring up his many musical influences, he combines everything from Bob Wills to Patsy Cline to Elvis Presley to Chuck Berry to Johnny Cash to Willie Nelson to Gram Parsons to The Beach Boys to Freddy Fender to R.E.M. to The Blasters to Joan Jett to X to The Texas Tornados to Reverend Horton Heat to Lucinda Williams....and on back again, with many more stops in between. A lyrical story teller and an infectious song writer, he ropes you in with his undeniable sound! You'll wipe away a tear after a sad honky tonk ballad, then jump to the floor with heat in your feet to a raucous foot stompin' beat!

Starting out in the late 1980's and early 1990's playing in bar bands on the rock and roll scene of Minneapolis and the upper midwest, he then spent 10 years tearing up the highways as lead singer, rhythm guitarist, and principal song writer of the now infamous punk band Fallopian Plummers. Landing in Austin in 1994 he began to cut his honky tonk chops with the cream of the Texas crop; returning to Minneapolis in 2003, and for an additional 10 years, wherein he began his own project: El Drifte. And now he has returned to the highways and byways of America. "He'll blow into town like the cold, north wind, but before you see him coming he'll be gone again".

Whether crooning sweet and slow to the dance floor, blowing the roof right off of another sleazy juke joint dive, or officiating the marriage vows of two starry eyed lovers in the wind, El Drifte is burning up the blacktop everywhere he goes!

The Drifting Reverend IS El Drifte!!

His witty lyricism and catchy melodies intertwine to make a powerful sound, ripe for the ages; all at once old and new. His words combine an aged wisdom and profound emotion with the occasional deviant's humor, all of which make his music accessible to just about everyone, regardless of age or personal taste.